We have discussed in earlier features the importance of creating a menu bank and having detailed costs and multiple selling prices for each dish.
From this it is able to consolidate these dishes into a complete menu, whether this be A La Carte, Table d’ Hote, a Function or any other event.
This can be a time consuming process as one has to incorporate dishes and then to include or swap dishes with suitable costs or profits.
There is a specialist Menu Module in KitMan that assists operations to create as many menus as they wish.
For some companies this may be the types of recipes as described above in which case one is able to create different section headings e.g. Starters, Soups, Main Course, Desserts. They then search menus to provide dishes within each sector below a given purchase price.
This then creates a menu detailed into different sections providing an analysis of costs, sales prices, profits.
The uniqueness of this system enables recipes and expected sales volumes to be included so that the menu can be created in an order to maximise both the sales values and profit margins.
For other establishments it maybe a daily menu or an organisation that is working to a menu cycle.  In this way it will provide detailed costing and profitability based on an expected production.  By having up to date costs it will quickly highlight if costs are exceeding budgets.
For more details check the KitMan menu modules and see worked examples.
For more information on Menu Design

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