In an earlier message we have discussed the need to compare prices from different suppliers and to satisfy yourself that you are purchasing at competitive rates. Equally we have identified that price is not ‘the be all and end all’ of everything and is just one of many factors to consider within your food costs.
In many situations price is a minor consideration.
Within KitMan we can assist in many areas. If you have any concerns with any of your suppliers then we can help.
We do not wish to interfere with your present arrangements, however if you are having difficulties with any supplier then we can assist, as we have a network of suppliers throughout the UK.
This network covers all types of supply and consists of a number of local and regional suppliers that covers each geographical area. Each supplier offers preferential rates to users of KitMan and complies with all health & Safety aspects including traceability of product..
As an added feature for you, we work very closely with all of these suppliers and will ensure that all of their amended prices are updated within your system automatically; of course you have the opportunity to reject these. This ensures that you are working with up to date prices for all situations and that you are not caught unawares by any unexpected events.
This facility is worth your consideration as it could save valuable administration time.

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