One of the concerns that all enterprises have is the consistency of quality.  How many times have you heard stories when people visit a restaurant regularly only to say on a particular evening ‘that meal was not as good as last time’.

On each of these occasions that particular restaurant runs the risk of losing that customer due to the poor quality of a single meal.

In most of those situations the poor quality of that particular meal was due to the fact that it was the Chef’s night off.

This is quite normal, after all the Chef, whether he be the owner or an employee cannot possibly work seven days a week for 52 weeks a year.  We all need time off for holidays, sickness, or just to relax.

It is at those times, when the Chef is absent, that many businesses are vulnerable.

But that should not be the case.

If one creates a standard of recipes then this should protect a business against such eventualities.

KitMan makes this very simple.  Each recipe details the amount of ingredients required and then lists the cooking methods and how the meal should be presented.

This can be reinforced by incorporating a photograph of how the dish should be served e.g. how the vegetables are served in side dishes, how food should be set on the customer’s plate.

In this way there is no reason why the quality of food should deteriorate when the Chef is away.

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