Electronic Point of Sale machines (more commonly known as EPOS or ’tills’ ) can be a useful source of information providing detailed analysis of sales.

For busy outlets this can also provide stock control analysis and highlight where wastage is occurring.

However, when linking this with a food cost control system, such as KitMan, the two systems can assist greatly in managing your business.

KitMan will provide you with up to date costs of every meal being produced.  At the same time it is managing your stocks of individual products, controlling wastage and assisting with purchasing from suppliers.

Once you have the cost of each meal, the software will automatically import this information into the EPOS system so that you have all of the information ready to use.  The sales prices are either calculated by the EPOS system or by KitMan.

At the end of each day, or at the end of each food service session, by combining both systems, you have a detailed analysis of your sales of each item, costs and profit, remaining stock levels.  By inserting minimum stock levels it will even indicate when to reorder items and how many to order.

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