2011 February

KitMan Online

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This version has been developed to supplement the main KitMan System, which is installed on a customer’s main computer server. KitMan is the main controlling system enabling customers to set up and maintain their menu banks and monitor costs and profit margins.  This also includes financial modules enabling operations to monitor financial results against forecasts..

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Getting Started with the Monitoring of Purchases

In an earlier feature we said that the purchase price of ingredients was low down on the priority of listing of things to do in order to create a successful business. We realise that this opinion may be contentious but is something we believe in from our experience with other customers. These customers were very..

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Getting Started with Purchasing

Clearly the cost of purchasing is an important feature of whether a company makes a profit or a loss. However, the cost of purchasing is only a small element of the whole process of calculating profits and the success of a company. Whilst it is important that one is paying the commercial rate, the purchase..

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Getting Started with Menu Design

We have discussed in earlier features the importance of creating a menu bank and having detailed costs and multiple selling prices for each dish. From this it is able to consolidate these dishes into a complete menu, whether this be A La Carte, Table d’ Hote, a Function or any other event. This can be..

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