In an earlier message we advised the importance of monitoring dish costs, relating these to sales values and establishing multiple selling prices to maximise the profitability in each area. For example a client is prepared to pay more for a meal in a restaurant because of the ambiance, presentation and service than they are prepared to pay in a bar where it is merely delivered to the table.
However, this is only one element of the many features that should be attached to each recipe.
For instance it is important that one relates selling prices to costs as that provides profits. Similarly it is important that the quality of the meal is consistent, otherwise if a client has a poor meal they will go to the competition. This is easy when the Chef is on duty, but what happens on the Chefs day off or when he is on holiday or sick.
Then customers have to satisfy all of the other legal requirements such as Health & Safety, recording of nutrition such as amount of calories, fat content and then dietary elements e.g. does not contain nuts.
In short this can be a nightmare to satisfy and is an influential factor why companies fail to be successful.
KitMan can help in all aspects. Each recipe includes methods of cooking, presentation and an ability to have photographs so that a consistent quality may be maintained even in the Chefs absence.
All other legal requirements such as Health & Safety, Nutrition, Dietary are also covered in what must be the most comprehensive menu bank on the market.
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