The success or failure of any establishment is dependent upon accurate costing of menus and portion controls.

In an environment where product cost fluctuate as frequently as food does it is essential that one is aware of all price changes.  If one costs all of the menus today it is almost guaranteed these will not be the same in three months time.  An unawareness of these changes can quickly erode  profit margins.

The use of the KitMan System removes all concerns in this area.  Each recipe includes a list of ingredients used and provides a complete cost, provisions can be made to include labour if required.

The unique method of attaching ingredients to recipes ensures that the cost of each recipe is updated following the change of price of any product.

This means that customers are aware of the cost of each dish continually.  If the price of any product increases such that the profit margin is affected this is quickly highlighted.

This is an invaluable feature as if one is using an old recipe it automatically costed at today’s prices.

KitMan also provides an additional feature of allowing customers to sell a dish at different selling prices.

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