Many operations do not prepare a forecast of either potential revenues or associated costs.  Yet these are critical to the success of any business for how can one manage its activities if it does not have anything to compare it against.

At the very least one should establish a forecast of what sales they expect to achieve in total for each week of the year.  When this is compared to the anticipated gross profit margin it will provide a cost price so one knows how much can be spent to achieve the objective.

In this way one is comparing purchases against a targeted sales revenue.  However, the problem is when one is continuing to spend money in line with the forecast but not achieving the level of sales that it was expecting.

The KitMan System handles forecasting in a flexible way that enables customers to compare forecasts daily, so if there is an underperformance of sales the level of purchases is automatically reduced so that at least gross profit margin is being achieved.

KitMan also enables forecasts to be broken down on a daily basis and for individual food service areas so that controls can be created for every department of the establishment.  In turn this also highlights what staffing levels are required each day.

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