Olympus Associates are pleased to offer these special editions of the KitMan System.
This is the first time we have been able to offer an inexpensive version that is suitable for all types of organisations be it a small cafe, pub, restaurant, hotel or nursing home. With three different packages and optional extras, each customer can choose what they need for their particular operation, without having to pay for facilities they will not require.
As the system develops we will be introducing new modules and features. Any new features you will receive automatically within your monthly licence fee.
Two new modules will be:

  • Chefs Office, a series of tools and documents that are used every day by large organisations. This has been created in conjunction with a number of Group Executive Chefs.
  • Health & Safety Manual. This is a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of Food Service such as HACCP, COSHH, Temperature monitoring, cleaning schedules.

There will normally be an additional cost for these modules, which may be a one off payment or a monthly payment. However, anyone who signs up during the next six months i.e. before 30th September 2011 will receive these free of charge. After the six months period you will continue to receive these free of charge for as long as you are using KitMan.

To download a trial version of KitMan

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