KitMan has proven itself many times in achieving cost savings for its Educational clients operating busy Hospitality academic departments.
Whilst we cannot guarantee cost savings (we do not know how efficient you currently operate) however our findings are that KitMan will produce cost savings averaging some 10% – 15% of a colleges annual food expenditure.
Recent comments from colleges include:
“For a number of years the college operated with a food deficit of 20K to 30K, which was quite good considering our activities. Last year with the use of KitMan we were able to eradicate the deficit. Like most colleges Castle College is struggling financially following the changes in funding and this year my department suffered a substantial reduction in its budget. KitMan has helped everyone to control costs and I am pleased to say that not only are we meeting those targets but we are exceeding them. KitMan is a major tool in our armoury and I think it is essential for all colleges – the cost savings alone are far in excess of the annual licence fees, which means that all of the other benefits it gives staff and students is a bonus”
John Janiszewski
Curriculum Team Leader
Castle College Sheffield
“In our first year of utilising KitMan we estimate our cost savings as being some 50,000 Euros. Obviously we are very pleased with these savings, which has far exceeded our investment costs. Now that everyone has become familiar with using KitMan we are now advancing to the next stage of using KitMan as a teaching tool with our students.”
Anna O’Donovan
Senior Technical officer
Cork Institute of Technology
“Manchester Metropolitan University who use KitMan extensively throughout the University have extended their agreement to continue to train graduates in Hospitality and Management.
“KitMan is an excellent tool for the students in both reference material and project work. We can simulate live operational environments and allow students the ability to understand the financial and safety implications of running a food operation. KitMan is used by all of our students at various levels and we are pleased to have made a long term commitment with Olympus Associates.”
Chris Mitchell
From the above testimonials you will see that KitMan can provide your department with a system that will not only provide you with a system that will enable you to control costs and provide management information but will also furnish you with substantial cost savings. As an added bonus it is then a system that you can utilise for teaching. To this extent we are working closely with both Westminster Kingsway College and Henley College to provide a system that will meet the current teaching requirements and that will continue to expand as your requirements change.
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Next Week KitMan will be demonstrating at the annual PACE conference in Blackpool along with our EPOS partner Haven Systems

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