If any system is to be successful it is imperative that the information provided is accurate. In the catering industry this poses difficulties other industries do not experience, as food prices change frequently.
The accuracy of any reporting is conditional on accurate prices being installed in the KitMan System.
Most systems operate with customers updating prices from suppliers invoices. This means that prices are retrospective and therefore any information is as a guidance only.
Olympus Associates have always provided a service whereby we will update suppliers prices for each customer and install that into their version of KitMan as soon as those prices are known. This means that Olympus work in cooperation with your suppliers to obtain prices in advance of them becoming effective.
This feature means that prices are incorporated before the event and ensures the accuracy of reports and also assists departments when placing requisitions as prices are installed into the system PRIOR to them becoming operational.
This unique system ensures that everyone is operating with accurate prices and they are able to make decisions based on accurate information.
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