KitMan provides a number of standard reports for the use of customers irrespective of which market sector they operate in be it Hospitality, Education or Health Care.
KitMan provides customers with an ongoing – real time – comparison of actual results compared to a financial budget and comparisons against a previous year.
Managed reports from Olympus Associates provides customers with a series of bespoke reports of whatever they may require.
Our standard reports will provide customers with a cost for each centre. In a commercial operation this may be costs associated to each food cost centre enabling customers to monitor the results from each event or each days takings from a restaurant service. In an educational environment this will provide a cost for each class.
The comprehensive reporting from KitMan will provide customers with the information, on a daily basis, they require to manage their business. This clearly puts them into a situation whereby they can take corrective action immediately as opposed to waiting to be advised by financial departments.

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