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This version has been developed to supplement the main KitMan System, which is installed on a customer’s main computer server.

KitMan is the main controlling system enabling customers to set up and maintain their menu banks and monitor costs and profit margins.  This also includes financial modules enabling operations to monitor financial results against forecasts and budgets.  This enables operations to monitor on a real time basis their profitability and if linked to the Olympus unique method of incorporating suppliers prices. forewarns them of price increases with their menus.  This uniqueness enables customers to amend menus or prices so that they are not caught out by these sudden price increases.

KitMan Online has been introduced for customers who have multiple areas where they are serving their own customers e.g. Bistro, Restaurant, Bars, Conferences, Functions, Weddings, Outside activities.  In hospitals this may be separate wards or in education different classes or courses.  Effectively this may be where a customer wishes to monitor each outlet separately.

Whilst each individual centre may order independently KitMan enables these orders to be consolidated at the click of a button providing customers with a consolidation of their daily requirements and providing them with valuable information on which to negotiate better prices from suppliers.

In summary KitMan Online is a system enabling customers to order and monitor for each individual centre/event and then to easily consolidate item requirements for purchasing.

If you feel that this is an area of interest for yourselves then please click here which will enable you to test this free of charge for 30 days.

For more information on KitMan Online web based internal requisition system.

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