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Hospitality Food Purchasing for Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Leisure

Complete Kitchen Management System for Hospitality Food and Beverage Purchasing and Cost Control for Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Leisure Chefs





Kitchen Management System for Hospitality - Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Leisure Chefs

Specifically designed for busy kitchens within the hospitality sector, the KitMan System is an effective management tool for both single outlets and multi site operations. Covering all aspects from menu design, costing, purchasing, health & safety, through to presentation of the final meal it is a tremendous aid to the busy chef and members of the management team.

The financial modules and daily reporting gives a daily comparison of costs and revenues assisting greatly in maximising profitability and controlling costs.

The KitMan System has a proven record amongst its customers of delivering improved profit margins, reducing costs and creating operational efficiencies. A few of the benefits are:

  1. Recipe costs? each dish is automatically calculated for cost following any amended price in a commodity (even if the recipe is 5 years old it will still carry the current price.
  2. Profit margins? multiple selling prices are automatically calculated based on targeted profit margins, allowing each dish to be sold in different areas at multiple prices.
  3. Menu design? creates a menu easily be it a la carte, table d'hote, buffet or for a special event.  This calculates the current cost of the menu and anticipated profit based on a sales mix for each food service.
    All menus can be imported to a designed document allowing menus to be printed 'in house'.
  4. Purchasing? a flexible electronic order system allows purchase orders to be issued by multiple methods and values each order before being placed with a supplier.  Allows a quick comparison of prices between different suppliers.
  5. Bill of Materials? calculates the consumption of goods required for each food service providing a cost with each supplier together with total costs for each function.
  6. Finance? allows budgets to be established throughout a year on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis calculated for individual food service areas e.g. restaurant, bars. Daily comparisons are made highlighting any areas of concern.

The KitMan System is truly a complete kitchen management system covering all aspects of a food service and can be used by all departments of a commercial enterprise.


Cedar Court Hotels

"In the first 12 months of operating KitMan we have improved our gross profit margin by 2.5%."
"I was already running a 'tight ship' but the control and information that KitMan has given me has been tremendous."
"I am now able to be proactive with menu development and controlling food costs."

Mike Weaver
Group Executive Chef
Cedar Court Hotels

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Referral Scheme

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