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Food Cost Control in Education and Procurement for Catering Colleges

A Complete Kitchen Management System developed for Catering Colleges, Schools and University refectories plus Training Chefs of all Levels up to degree





Food Cost Control in Education

This is an innovative product that can bring a new dimension to the teaching of kitchen supervision and management. Produced by Leading Chefs and catering experts, together with our own expert programmers working with The Advanced Telematics Department at Birmingham University, the KitMan System is already in use in the professional catering industry, and is used by leading National hotel groups, Independent operators and the Public sector.

Now adapted for use in Catering education, KitMan offers the potential to give Students a real understanding of how Kitchens both large and small are supervised and managed, and how the many processes and functions involved integrate and depend on each other.

The partnership between Olympus and Cengage ensures that recipes used for VRQ's contained with the Professional Chef publications are now available in KitMan.

Menu planning? KitMan already has a database of over 5,000 dishes which are capable of having digital photographs, the Chef or Student can add to these or amend them for personal use.  KitMan will search its database given any parameter of cost, GP% required, food content (including allergenic ingredients) and other demands.

Costing? KitMan has a live link to many National and Regional suppliers, providing automatic price updates. This also enables your Student, Lecturer or Local suppliers to easily enter their own prices. All costing and forecasting (which KitMan also does) is both accurate and less time consuming, for example if the price of just 1 ingredient in a recipe changes, every dish containing that ingredient both on the existing database and those you enter yourself is re-costed.  Students who need special help in key numeracy skills will find working with numbers in KitMan realistic, interesting and less difficult.

Health, safety, first aid, hygiene? The modules within KitMan cover everything the working Chef needs to know such as legislation, forms to be completed, records to be kept, are all in KitMan and are continuously updated by experts.

Nutrition? All recipes based on Professional Chef contain detailed nutritional analysis. This can also be provided for other recipes The healthcare modules within KitMan provide valuable information in respect of various ailments and special diets.

There are many other functions performed by the KitMan System making it by far the most comprehensive and advanced system in use.

Training Chefs of all Levels up to Degree

As we hope you appreciate, the KitMan System covers the various processes involved in this area in a way that students will find easy to relate to, showing the practical use and the need for the underpinning knowledge you teach. This allows them to explore the various tasks and elements which comprise kitchen management in today's industry (for example where labour cost can be more than food cost and menus must be planned accordingly, where a Chef needs easy access not just to food costs, but to guidance on the many areas of legislation affecting their operation, and where understanding the impact of sales mix can mean the difference between profit and loss).

KitMan covers all these aspects and many more and will enable Lecturers to create many different types of assignments and projects. KitMan enables you to deliver learning using the same kind of software in use in some of the leading kitchens in the country by some of the UK's leading Chefs.

We have also developed a specific solution for internal requisitions for colleges that we call KitMan Online. For more information please click here.


Stratford Upon Avon College

"We now have accurate costing for each course together with revenues generated by our restaurants."
"KitMan has proven itself in the cost savings it has brought to the college."
"We intend to implement certain aspects of the system for teaching the students."

Alan Deegan
COVE Manager
Stratford Upon Avon College

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Sheffield College

"KitMan has proven to be a valuable tool in managing our budgets."
"This year has seen the section stay within its budgetary requirements, which augers well the future."
"KitMan is an important tool in our armoury of controlling costs and creating efficiencies."

John Janiszewski
Curriculum Team Leader for Hospitality and Catering
Sheffield College

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Westminster Kingsway College

"KitMan is a powerful and effective tool to maintain accurate cost control."
"KitMan is a combined cost control, ordering and learning resource."
"This is an invaluable resource of reference points and a guide to cover the day to day management of our 14 very busy kitchens and 3 restaurants."

Gary Hunter
Head of Culinary Arts
Westminster Kingsway College

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Referral Scheme

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