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Food Purchasing Kitchen Planning, Recipe Costing, Menu Engineering

Complete Kitchen Management System, Food Purchasing, Kitchen Planning, Recipe Costing, Menu Engineering Software. Increase Margins and reduce overheads





Features and Benefits of the KitMan System

Among the many benefits are:

  • Controls costs and improves profit margins
  • Budgeted and Actual GP% Produced Weekly
  • Sales Tracked Daily by Outlet Showing Variances
  • All Purchases Monitored in line with Sales Forecast
  • Highlights Inaccurate and Missed Postings
  • Immediate Daily Access to Suppliers Promotions
  • Monitors Suppliers Price Changes
  • Suppliers Online Efficiency of Electronic Order Process
  • Groupwide Menu Bank with or without Local Autonomy Possible
  • Sales Office Know which Menus / Dishes to Sell
  • Savings Achieved without Degrading Product
  • Detailed Training Manual - Covers Health and Safety, COSHH, HACCP, Nutritional Values, Preparation and Presentation
  • Staff Empowerment, Product Knowledge and Role Enhancement
  • Reduces Staff Aggravation
  • Staff Feeding Accounted for
  • All Data Stored to Build Historical Information
  • Groupwide Menu Bank with or without Local Autonomy Possible

Currently there are ten modules to the KitMan System:



Admin Module

Full configuration, user level security and personalisation.

Coster Module

A world beating Cost Card system. More>>

Menu Module

A Brand New Menu Engineering Module. More>>

Forecaster Module

A simple, effective tool to forecast future business. More>>

Sales Tracker Module

A clear way of monitoring actual sales and highlight problems. More>>

Purchase Tracker Module

A tool to monitor actual Purchases against Forecasted Purchases and Actual Sales, Monitors Profitability Daily. More>>

Purchase Order Module

An effective tool to help prepare and produce weekly purchase requirements and daily Purchase Orders for each supplier. More>>

Stock Take Module

A module for completing Stock Takes. More>>

Chef's Office

A set of tools, templates and guides to cover the management of a busy kitchen. More>>

Health and Safety Manual

Regulations, Policies, Good Practice and Standard Forms covering the catering industry. More>>

Internal Requisitions

A new addition to help with internal requisitions for individual functions or from stores for busy catering colleges More>>

Download Free Trial Software

Free 30 Day Software Trial

If your business could benefit from Kitchen Management Software we now offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation.  We then offer scalable monthly or annual license options so there are no up front capital costs.

To register to download a free trial.

Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

We also offer a referral scheme for any Organisations that you introduce that go on to a paid license we pay out first months licence fee license either directly to you, to your organisation or to charity.

To register for the referral scheme.

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