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Healthcare version for Patient Menus in Hospitals and Care Homes

Patient Menu Software for Hospitals, Residential Care, Nursing Homes including a Recipe and Menu Bank with Nutritional Information and Special Diets





Patient Menu Software for Hospitals, Residential Care, Nursing Homes

Within the NHS arena we have been working with Wrightington Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust where they have achieved considerable cost savings and efficiencies.  In particular it has eradicated some of the problems the catering team encountered daily and assisted them in fulfilling their role within the Trust.

More recently we have started to work with Stockport NHS Foundation Trust where jointly we will achieve similar results to those enjoyed by Wrightington Wigan and Leigh.

KitMan covers the whole spectrum of catering within a Trust.  From patient ordering through to production, purchasing, commercial outlets and activities; each department delivers its own benefits of cost savings and efficiencies, whilst allowing each customer to operate the way they prefer.

Customised Recipe and Menu Bank with Nutritional Information and Special Diets

We have worked with professional healthcare caterers along with our own nutritionist to create a dedicated recipe bank for Hospital Trusts.

The system can record against your own recipes comprehensive nutritional information along with vegetarian, vegan, allergy, religious and cultural diets.

Plus as part of Chef's Office we provide much more detailed information on how different ailments are effected by diet and links to the appropriate support organisations.

Use of KitMan enables the monitoring of a patients intake of food thus identifying if a particular patient is vulnerable to malnutrition.


Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

"In the four years that we have been operating KitMan we have not had an increase in our catering budget."
"I anticipate the Ward Ordering module will reduce our food expenditure by a further 10%"
"One of the other major benefits is the vast savings in time KitMan has created for us, particularly with its interfacing with our finance system."

Paul Riley
Hotel Services Manager
Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

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St Luke's Hospice

"With the introduction of KitMan, food hygiene control, staffing rotas, holidays, sickness, menu planning and costings has been made much easier.  KitMan has achieved this by a user friendly catering management system."

Steve Hogg
Hotel Service Manager
St Luke's Hospice

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