We have explored previously the purchase price of ingredients and how the cost of each item is merely a minor element of the true cost of each meal.
A more important factor is controlling the amount of waste for any food service. For what is the point of having the cheapest prices of products only to experience poor delivery or quality. More importantly during your normal activities you produce 3 or 4 meals that are no longer required at the end of the service and are wasted.
Regrettably it is inevitable that certain amounts of food will be produced only to find that insufficient number of customers do not attend. The wastage represents the whole cost of all of the ingredients (far in excess of the savings you have achieved for a single item.
Use of the KitMan System can help to keep your food wastage to a minimum; regrettably it is not possible to eradicate this completely.
Within the Menu design module you can produce different menus either A La Carte, Table d’hote, daily menu cycles etc. When these are initially established you can forecast the number of covers you expect to sell. At the end of the service you can record your actual sales of each dish. This will give you a good indication of production requirements for the next sitting based on the number of people expected.
This is valuable information that can mean the difference between profit and loss for each individual food service.

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