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Free 30 day Trial Setup, First Run, Next Steps, Hints and Tips

A Quick Start Guide to Help with your Free 30 day Software Trial Setup, First Run, Next Steps, Hints and Tips






This guide continues on from the Download and Installation Help page. For a printable copy please click here for a pdf version


Step 4 Configuration Wizard

Notes On Firewalls

    Step 4.1 Check Internet Connection

    Step 4.2 Validate Trial Details

    Step 4.3 Outlet Information

    Step 4.4 User Information

    Step 4.5 Complete Wizard

    Step 4.6 Launch Software

Step 5 Setup Accounting Periods

    Step 5.1 Select Type Of Period

    Step 5.2 Confirm Dates

Kitman Modules

Step 6 Next Steps

Training Copy

Step 4 Configuration Wizard

The software needs some basic information about the site and the first user before KitMan can run.

Notes on Firewalls

KitMan regularly connects to the Internet to check for:

  • Software updates
  • Licence updates including expiry date and package details
  • Backup and Price Updates if applicable

The main PC the software is installed on needs to have Internet connection or the software cannot update and the licence may expire very quickly leaving KitMan in a read only mode.

If you see messages like these or a similar one from Windows Firewall please allow the connection.

Downloadhelp3c   Downloadhelp3d

For larger organisations there may be a separate Firewall on your network.  Your IT staff need to permit access to and

For backup to work the main PC also needs FTP permissions.

Step 4.1 Check Internet Connection


The first step is to check the software has an Internet connection.

Click Check Connection

If any Firewall messages pop up at this stage please allow the connection, see above for more information.

Step 4.2 Validate Trial Details


Enter the Email Address and Password that you registered with then the Trial Code you received by email and click Check Trial.

Step 4.3 Outlet Information

Please enter the name and address of your establishment.


The boxes marked with an asterisk are required.

Step 4.4 User Information


Please enter a Username, no spaces are allowed, the password will be the one used when registering for the trial.

Step 4.5 Complete Wizard


Click Complete Setup to finish configuring the software. Once this is complete clicking Finish will close the software.

Step 4.6 Launch Software

Double click on the KitMan Logo or select Start: Programs: KitMan to open the Program.


A select box allows you to choose between the live data and the test data.


Login using the Username you setup during the configuration wizard and Password when registering online.

Step 5 Setup Accounting Periods

KitMan should be configured to match as closely as possible your accounting periods so that it reports in a similar way to your other systems.

Please Note:

1. There is a chance to check them but once created these cannot be changed.

2. When creating Purchase Orders you can edit or place an order for a whole week.  If you select 'calendar months' then the week at the month end may be split between two periods.


To set these up select from the Administration Menu: Accounting Periods.

Step 5.1 Select Type of Period

The dates will be empty so need setting up before using many of the KitMan Modules.


Firstly select the day of the week you want your weeks to start, by default this is Monday then click Add New Accounting Year.


Click on the Date and a calendar will appear, you can then select the date your current financial year started.  Even if there are only a few days left in your year always create the current one then create subsequent years.

Then select the way you want to break the periods up.

13 x 4 Week Periods

52 weeks split into 13 equal periods

12 x 4 Weeks (4-4-5)

Four quarters of 4 weeks, 4 weeks then 5 weeks, approximates calendar months

12 x 4 Weeks (4-4-5)

Four quarters of 5 weeks, 4 weeks then 4 weeks, approximates calendar months

Calendar Months


Then click Generate.

Step 5.2 Confirm Dates

You can review the dates before committing any changes.


Clicking on the Year on the left you can check the dates created.

If you have made a mistake press Cancel to start again or click OK to save the dates.

Repeat these steps to create subsequent years.

Kitman Modules






Create Recipes, search, view and print individual recipes
Cost Recipes for multiple service areas.



Help Forecast future business, calculate a food budget based on booked and anticipated business


Sales Tracker

Track actual sales, compare with the above forecast


Purchase Tracker

Track actual purchases, calculate profitability on a daily basis, period and year to date, compare year on year performance.


Purchase Order

Raise individual supplier Purchase Orders, receive deliveries and match invoices.


Stock Take

Record a Stock Take for a given date in time.


Menu Engineering

Design, Cost and Export a number of different Menus from the Recipes already created.


KitMan Online

Web based internal requisition system, not included in the downloadable version.


Chef's Office

Back to the start up page. Along the bottom there are links to various support guides, forms, templates, links etc.

Step 6 Next Steps

To start you off we have already entered a number of common products and recipes.

The software is now ready to use, depending on your priorities the next steps over the start of the trial is to setup the following.

Data setup to get you started
Setup Forecaster Service Areas
Setup Coster Service Areas
Setup Suppliers
Setup Products
Create Recipes
Create Menus
Setup Additional Users

There are specific articles in the KitMan Blog and Userguide that explain these in more depth along with further hints and tips that are regularly updated.


Training Copy

Please Note: It is read only so no changes can be saved.  Your login details have been copied to the training site but if any one else want to use it they must login with the username: demo and the password: demo.

This has data completed for a full two years so you can see examples of how to fill in the information.


Download Free Trial Software

Free 30 Day Software Trial

If your business could benefit from Kitchen Management Software we now offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation.  We then offer scalable monthly or annual license options so there are no up front capital costs.

To register to download a free trial.

Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

We also offer a referral scheme for any Organisations that you introduce that go on to a paid license we pay out first months licence fee license either directly to you, to your organisation or to charity.

To register for the referral scheme.

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