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KitMan System Free 30 day Trial Download and Installation Help

Help with Trial Download and Installation





For a printable copy please click here for a pdf version Once downloaded and installed this guide is continued in the Quick Setup page.


System Requirements
Step 1 Register to Download
Step 2 Download Installer
Step 3 Install Software

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows  98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Internet Connection: Broadband
Disk Space Application: 12Mb Full permissions on the application directory
Disk Space Data: 130Mb Full permissions on a data directory.  If installing on a shared drive, all users will need full permissions and similar drive mapping
RAM: Minimum for Operating System

Step 1 Register to Download


Complete all of the registration information and we will email a link to download the installer and Trial Code that you will need to install the software.  Email addresses can only be registered once without prior consent from Olympus.

Step 2 Download Installer

You may get a warning below the address bar of the browser similar to this one.


Click "Download File" or "Allow" depending on your browser, save the file to your computer then double click to install.


Depending on the version of Windows

Step 3 Install Software

Running through the installer it will ask a number of simple questions the two critical ones are:


Where do you want to install the application?  This is normally C:\Program Files\kitman except on certain high spec PCs in which case the 64bit directory will be automatically selected.


The next is where do you want to install the Support Files?  This includes the Live Data, training data, application updates, photos and price updates.

If you want to use KitMan on multiple PCs in your organisation then this needs to be a shared folder on a server.

Please Note: all intended users will need Full Permissions to this shared folder.

If you install the data in a shared folder the User must be connected to this folder to use the software.  e.g. a Laptop would need to be connected to the organisation's network before launching the software.

Once you have installed the software there is some basic information needed to setup your outlet that is done through a configuration wizard.


This guide continues in the Setup Help page

Download Free Trial Software

Free 30 Day Software Trial

If your business could benefit from Kitchen Management Software we now offer a free 30 day trial with no obligation.  We then offer scalable monthly or annual license options so there are no up front capital costs.

To register to download a free trial.

Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme

We also offer a referral scheme for any Organisations that you introduce that go on to a paid license we pay out first months licence fee license either directly to you, to your organisation or to charity.

To register for the referral scheme.

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