An important element of a successful business is to record not only sales values but also the various food service areas in which they are sold.

By recording this information one is able to know which are the most profitable areas and the most profitable dishes.  This highlights areas where marketing should be focused assisting the operation to grow its business and improve profitability.

This valuable information also assists in planning staffing levels for individual areas at various times so that one is not paying for resources when they are not required.

KitMan, of course, enables customers to forecast their business by food service area.  Once this is created one can then record and monitor actual sales revenues against the forecast.  In this way a customer can easily identify which sales area is profitable.  It also calculates the sales mix for each area highlighting where they can improve profits.

The recording of the number of sales covers each day for each service provides valuable protection enabling management to have detailed analysis of sales covers so that if there is any concern of fraud  this is quickly and easily highlighted enabling management to take corrective action.

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